Yahoo’s Katie Couric collaborate with HRC on articles

Earlier this year, a Wikileaks E-mail reveals’s Katie Couric reaching out to John Podesta seeking to collaborate on articles to benefit the Hillary Clinton Campaign.


Podesta Twitter account hacked!


John Podesta’s Twitter account was hacked earlier today. The hacker posted a pro-Trump tweet but the tweet was later taken down. I suspect it had something to do with that previous Apple ID and password that was revealed earlier by Wikileaks.

Podesta Apple account hijacked?

wikileaksAccording to multiple archived threads within the Trump sanctuary, /pol/ on 4chan. It would seem the Apple account information of John Podesta was discovered and hijacked by an anonymous user.

The user went on to vandalize the account by changing the profile image with foul imagery. The account has since been locked by Apple.

This information isn’t necessarily groundbreaking other than the fact that it may legitimize the E-mails being released by Wikileaks.

Link: Wikileaks E-mail