The Final Stretch

This is basically the final stretch. Today is my last day wearing the uniform. I’ve talked enough about my Air Force experience. I’m proud of it. I wish I had done more, but I’m ready to do something else. I am not leaving out the possibility of re-entering the service when I return. However, if I do decide to do that, I think I would be wise to cross train into a new field of work. That’s a long way from now. A lot can happen in the year to year and a half I plan on being away.

As far as the rest of my time here goes, It’s all smooth sailing from here on out. I will be seeing my friends one more time in Orlando then I am off to spend the week of Thanksgiving at my mother’s house. My brother and niece will be spending time there as well. It’s another chance to see the family before my departure. Of course, my father will return from Europe only a few days prior so I will get a chance to see him as well. I’ve spent time away from family in the past but this will be the first time I won’t be able to see them on any major holidays. Traveling home is always easy within the states. Being on the other side of the world is a different story.

I’ve made a number of purchases as prepare for my departure. Other than clothes, tools, and entertainment, I’ve decided a stock up on a number of books. I have to admit, a big portion of this trip might end up being a bunch of partying and drinking. I will have to keep my brain from going dumb somehow. I purchased one book that I studied briefly while at university: The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. I had only read excerpts from it while studying so I figured it would be valuable to take in the entire piece. The other book I bought was the Art of War. Not necessarily because I am interested in it ,but because you always hear about it from one of those successful businessmen as a must read. I’m just curious I suppose. It will be a time killer on the plane to New Zealand.

Now the last book that I bought I am actually interested in. “Reagan’s Revolution” is about the first unsuccessful attempt Reagan made to run for president. Now, as a libertarian, you quickly learn that not every president was this perfect figure that you had in your mind prior to being red pilled. However, after my internal reformation, I learned that I appreciated Reagan for his character and personality rather than his performance as Commander in Chief. I want to start reading it but I need to make sure I have something to read on the way to the other side of the world.

Best Wishes!


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