The Ignorance of the Outside World

A few days ago, news emerged that the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, died after ruling the island of Cuba for over 50 years. Having grown up in Miami and being the son of a Cuban immigrant, I am lucky enough to have a wholesome perspective such an event. Unfortunately, I was out of town when the news came out. If I was around, I’d probably be partying in the streets with the rest of the Miami Cubans.

Now, I am only 25 years old. I didn’t experience the oppression of the dictator first hand but, I do have family who were literally chased away from their livelihoods because of this man. My father’s family used to own a coffee farm before the land was seized by the government. Not only was the land seized but all the equipment that was used to operate it. After this occurred, my grandparents took what they had left and fled the country. This is a similar situation most Cubans faced before coming to America.

What strikes me the most is the complete ignorance of leftists who sit outside of the South Florida area. Being a leftist and being ignorant is synonymous but, I don’t think I’ve even met a Democrat in the Miami area who had anything nice to say about the Cuban government. Most immigrants from the Caribbean and South America have witnessed socialism and communism firsthand which sets them apart from liberals outside the area.

After Fidel Castro died, left wing media and liberals I’ve met from outside the Miami area and abroad wasted no time in trying to mourning the loss of their great leader. They all used the same excuse, “He wasn’t perfect but he did a lot of good for the Cuban people”. If zero economic growth, shit healthcare, firing squads, and re-education camps is your idea of progress then please get in contact with me. I will pay your one-way ticket to Cuba as long as you can show me proof that you plan on staying there forever.

The American Enterprise Institute posted an interesting fact on the welfare of Cuba. Cuban Slaves received better rations than the Cuban citizens received from the communist government in 1962. The AEI continues to state that the rations haven’t improved much since. Face it, there is a reason Cuban athletes defect when they compete overseas. There is a reason Cubans continue to flee to the United States every year.

Go screw yourself Trudeau.


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