Time for Part Two

Wellington Central

So it’s been something like five or six days since I’ve arrived in Wellington. I got off the Kiwi bus and had to say goodbye to all the people I had met on there. It was pretty sad to see them go. I didn’t click with them when I first met them but by the time the trip was over I learned to appreciate having them around. Even the one English girl, Lucy, who I thought was incredibly annoying when I first heard her speak turned out to be a sweetheart with an interesting story behind her.

A few from the Kiwi bus stayed a couple extra days in Wellington but eventually they’ve all moved on to the South Island. The past few days have been almost dull while I’ve been waiting for something to happen. I’ve only just started applying for jobs and I hope to find one soon. Not because I am endanger of going broke but because I am getting so damn bored.


Back in Auckland I stayed in a hostel that was smack in the middle of the CBD. Great location. However, more importantly, it wasn’t a dry hostel. Every hostel I’ve been to since I left Auckland has been a dry hostel which I think contributes to a poor social atmosphere in the common areas. I’ve stayed in two hostels in Wellington and so far they have been dry and they have been relatively quiet.

I am not trying to get shit faced every night but I am trying to meet people. I met two girls in my current hostel and I have a feeling it is only because I recognized them from one of the Kiwi bus stops.

I feel as though I am off to a rough start in Wellington. Orlando was rough for me and I don’t have the same amount of time to waste here like I did back in Orlando.


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