The left still has it coming

I had the interesting opportunity to view the Presidential inauguration from far away in New Zealand. I sat in my hostel lounge with a few other people watching the historic event on the TV. Everyone was making comments about how this is the end of the world or imagining watching Donald Trump be assassinated live on screen. It is pretty disgusting. Politics brings out the absolute worst in people.

I have seen disgusting rhetoric come from both sides of the aisle but I do feel that the left has taken things to an entirely new level. Over the past eight years, the left has grown cocky, elitist, and condescending when dealing with the right and the media has become their tool. When anyone gives a different opinion, they are immediately silenced as racist, homophobic, sexist, or hating the poor. As rioters storm the streets and destroy private property in low income neighborhoods, the media insists on calling them protesters who are merely misunderstood. The leftists themselves protest legitimate democratic processes by blocking the highways and creating major inconveniences for the working class. They harass the private homes of high profile individuals(that don’t even need to be politicians) or they destroy their public identity. The left will do this all in the name of tolerance and diversity or whatever.

When Trump won the election, I believed it was his protectionist message that won over key states allowing him to cross the finish line. I still believe that. Though, if the left continues these tactics while trying to critique his presidency, they will only allow Trump to win his reelection by a wider margin. Stop being bullies and get off your damn high horse.


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