Liberal Hysteria

It’s been about a week since Trump has been the President and the left continues its hysteria in regards to the Presidency. Keith Olbermann has already called for Trump to resign. He claimed Trump is not in “sound mind” and that if he continues to be president that it be the “end of civilization” as we know it. Of course, it’s not only Olbermann freaking out. The waves of hysterical protests that occurred after the election followed by the ridiculous Huffington Post headlines that imply something terrible has happened when, in reality, nothing has really happened at all.

The man has barely done a thing and the left is already losing it’s mind. Though, this behavior isn’t any different from the way the left usually acts. The left always goes to the absolute extreme in protest, especially with the XL pipeline an the Dakota pipeline. The left screamed environmental disaster and that the rights of Native Americans were being oppressed.

As the Trump administration reinstated the Mexico City policy which restricts funds from going to international organizations that perform abortions, the liberal media screamed that women’s reproductive rights were being taken away. It would seem that the left has a difficulty differentiating between what freedom and what is “free.”


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