This terrible feud might be good for Trump

I don’t care for watching sports on television, except for the occasional soccer game. I was hoping on keeping silent during the whole controversy. I even watched Trump’s rally speech where he made the remark about NFL players who kneel during the anthem and I initially thought nothing of it. This is typical Trump rallying to a base that loves this kind of stuff. Of course, as the days went on, I should have known liberals were going to run with this. This just goes to show how good my judgement is.

This is a silly fight to start. I personally think this entire feud is divisive from both sides of the aisle and ultimately is NOT good for the country. Kneeling during the National Anthem is not an effective way to protest police brutality because the Pledge of Allegiance represents all of us. It doesn’t represent police officers, our military, blacks, whites, blue, or green. It is the one unifying thing for all Americans. It represents our history, it represents our struggles, it represents all of those who lost their lives through it all. And to every American it will mean something specifically special to them. Of course, kneeling in denial of the Anthem will divide us because it rejects the very thing that should unify us.

Obviously, I do not agree with these players style of protest. Of course, I also do not agree with the President’s decision to add fuel to the fire either. The result of his remarks has lead to the encouragement of further protests. But this isn’t only the President’s doing. Since long before the election, the left has been pushing a successful campaign to politicize everything. From casual television to our sports.

You can’t watch late night without the show host smearing the President and Republicans. You can’t watch a sitcom or a new show without a character making a remark about conservatives or conservative people. You can’t watch football without witnessing some political message being pushed by a player or an ESPN commentator.

I predict the left will only alienate themselves in their effort to control all narrative. Their campaign doesn’t only annoy the right. it is exhausting to the many non-political in our society.  Must I also remind them as they protest Trump, this certain fact remain. The majority of Americans support the flag and the National Anthem. All they’ve done is paint a picture of Donald Trump being the champion of the flag and themselves being against it.



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