Trump is already winning the NFL battle

I already said that this feud is bad for the country. However, I predicted that this was still a battle that Trump is going to win. As democrats set themselves up as being against the flag(this is just what is perceived not what I think their intent was) which is a strategy that seems to be turning against them.

  1. NFL ratings are down 11% from last year
  2. NFL lost it’s first sponsor since the feud started.
  3. Broncos players say they will stand next game.

We can make arguments all day about what these protests are about or what the anthem actually stands for. In the end, the majority of Americans support the idea of standing during the anthem and this issue is even divided within the parties. The initial protest may have been about police brutality but, after reacting to Trump’s speech in Alabama, the debate was no longer that. All the casual viewers saw were players “disrespecting the flag” and the media shouting obscenities about Trump.

Some claim this was an accidental battle or that it is a necessary cultural war that the right needs to engage in. There is value in the culture war view point. The right has put up with being knocked around since the Bush administration. I’m concerned that this will only leave us with a shatter America.


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