Entering a new phase of life

So keeping up with this blogging thing is a little harder that I thought. But hey! As long as I keep jumping back into then I should be fine.

I spent yesterday working and driving to Orlando. I long time and real close friend of mine is having a baby. He is the first among my close friends to have one. It’s blowing my mind because it’s not like I am seeing old high school class mates accidentally pop some babies. This wasn’t an accident. It was completely intentional. This changes everything.

I am 26 years old and now I am entering a period of my life where the people around me are looking to patch up missing pieces in their lives. Maybe that’s just the way I’ve been looking at it. My friend has been with this girl for many years and they both made the conscious decision to start having a family. I’m only starting to feel the pressure on my part. Thankfully he is only the first one and I’m not in any rush to be number two.

This isn’t all pessimism on my part. I’m glad they decided this together. I only hope that it wasn’t made too soon. Babies change everything for couples. My friend is a hard working man and I believe he will do anything it takes to create a strong inseparable bond with his family. Strong families lead to good children. We need more families who stay together in this world.

I’m sure the statistics are there prove my point. However, I am saying this out of experience of those I’ve interacted with.


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