Trump Exhaustion

I’m pretty conservative. I am absolutely glad that Trump won the election over Hillary Clinton. Four more years of a democrat would have either been a complete disaster or a constant stalemate. We’ve had many victories under a Trump presidency. Gorsuch in the Supreme Court is probably the biggest and most important victory so far. His appointment saved us from an activist Supreme Court. However, the media is annoying and very exhausting.

The media has been on full on attack since Trump was inaugurated. They are back to the same tactics that were used during the Bush years. A lot of the media headlines are not Trumps fault but an example of liberal hysteria. Nevertheless, President Trump has had plenty of media blunders of his own. The first couple of months were nauseating. Especially the week of Scaramucci. Of course, that was a turning point for the administration. John Kelly became Chief of Staff and has managed to calm the excessive leaks and media blunders that were coming out of the White House at the time.

President Trump still manages to make me cringe. The statement about no other president called the families of fallen soldiers, or telling the media to ask John Kelly about his son and President Obama and now possibly this “they knew was they signed up for” comment. Details are still unfolding about the second comment. Even if it turns out to be true, yes it will be an insensitive comment but it doesn’t make me think that Trump doesn’t care about the troops. Whenever he meets with the troops or veterans he seems the most genuine. For a guy who constantly fails with his own public display, he does a remarkable job when it comes to our military.


Regardless, sometimes I feel like he is giving the liberal media constant opportunities to jump on his. Every time he makes a silly mistake the media gets new ammunition and he tweets about it on the toilet at 2am.

It can all be real exhausting sometimes. Once in a while, I just need to unplug until it all blows over.


Rand Paul and Pres. Trump Tackle Healthcare

Today, Trump signed an executive order that is supposed to help allow people to purchase insurance plans across state lines. This is something that has long been argued to be a single variable of a free market solution to the healthcare crisis in the United States.

It turns out that Senator Rand Paul was a big player in getting the president to sign this order. After congress failed twice to repeal Obamacare, there needed to be some sort of reform to help remedy the crisis. Rand Paul explained that it could help encourage people to join associations across state lines and essentially lower premiums with the mere size of people entering the insurance market. It might work but there is still so much clutter in healthcare policy that it is difficult to tell.

Bloomberg Source:

I never thought I’d actually see the day come because I never understood why this existed in the first place. I simply don’t understand it’s origin. I assumed it would be a violation of the commerce clause in the constitution but what the hell do I know?

This will not immediately fix the healthcare problem and I hope congress returns to the table to try to tackle Obamacare.

Something Different

Ok, fine. I know.  I can’t commit to a daily post. Pathetic. I’ll just post as much as I can. At least once a week. Whatever. Today I want to write about something different.

I recently picked up Pokemon Silver from the eShop. It’s been a nice run so far considering this is a game I loved as a kid. It took Red and Blue, which I also loved, and turned it into something legitimately better. But then, I started to think.

I was thinking about the moon. That’s right. Pokemon Sun and Moon. The recent main release from the series which I ended up really disappointed over. I want to talk about that disappointment. Why does Game Freak add great features and then take them away?


I really enjoyed Pokemon X and Y. Omega Ruby and Alphe Sapphire were good too. Going back to a reliance on HM’s was a drag but it was still good. Sun and Moon was just… well three hour’s into the game I was still complaining.

Don’t get me wrong, the visuals, the camera, and the battles were good. The game looked beautiful itself. However, the game constantly interrupted me and wanted to tell me what to do. It felt like every time I entered a new area there was someone there waiting to talk to me. Actually, most of the time it was more than one person. The games also liked to play cut scenes too. It wasn’t just reading text. I frequently had to wait for the camera to move around. It was a headache.

The islands were so linear. The game consisted of a few islands with paths that all seemed to just a make a circle. I never felt like there was much to see or explore. Sometime’s I would be playing and suddenly realize I was in a trial since the trial areas tend to look a lot like every other area. The fact that I started rushing through scenes didn’t help either.

The last point I want to make before going back to Silver is, why did they take away the Player Search System and replace it with that carnival looking crap that was time wasting? The PSS was a smooth system that helped the game make you feel like you were really connected to the Pokemon community. The random battle requests and the shout outs were excited and simple to interact with. Oh yes, simplicity. The PSS was SIMPLE! It made trading and battling with your friends the easiest it has ever been for Pokemon.

Here’s an idea. Grab all those features that peopled liked about the old games and put it into one game. Oh, and bring back the Pokemon follower feature. Bye.