Rand Paul and Pres. Trump Tackle Healthcare

Today, Trump signed an executive order that is supposed to help allow people to purchase insurance plans across state lines. This is something that has long been argued to be a single variable of a free market solution to the healthcare crisis in the United States.

It turns out that Senator Rand Paul was a big player in getting the president to sign this order. After congress failed twice to repeal Obamacare, there needed to be some sort of reform to help remedy the crisis. Rand Paul explained that it could help encourage people to join associations across state lines and essentially lower premiums with the mere size of people entering the insurance market. It might work but there is still so much clutter in healthcare policy that it is difficult to tell.

Bloomberg Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9NP6mUQktA

I never thought I’d actually see the day come because I never understood why this existed in the first place. I simply don’t understand it’s origin. I assumed it would be a violation of the commerce clause in the constitution but what the hell do I know?

This will not immediately fix the healthcare problem and I hope congress returns to the table to try to tackle Obamacare.


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