Trump Exhaustion

I’m pretty conservative. I am absolutely glad that Trump won the election over Hillary Clinton. Four more years of a democrat would have either been a complete disaster or a constant stalemate. We’ve had many victories under a Trump presidency. Gorsuch in the Supreme Court is probably the biggest and most important victory so far. His appointment saved us from an activist Supreme Court. However, the media is annoying and very exhausting.

The media has been on full on attack since Trump was inaugurated. They are back to the same tactics that were used during the Bush years. A lot of the media headlines are not Trumps fault but an example of liberal hysteria. Nevertheless, President Trump has had plenty of media blunders of his own. The first couple of months were nauseating. Especially the week of Scaramucci. Of course, that was a turning point for the administration. John Kelly became Chief of Staff and has managed to calm the excessive leaks and media blunders that were coming out of the White House at the time.

President Trump still manages to make me cringe. The statement about no other president called the families of fallen soldiers, or telling the media to ask John Kelly about his son and President Obama and now possibly this “they knew was they signed up for” comment. Details are still unfolding about the second comment. Even if it turns out to be true, yes it will be an insensitive comment but it doesn’t make me think that Trump doesn’t care about the troops. Whenever he meets with the troops or veterans he seems the most genuine. For a guy who constantly fails with his own public display, he does a remarkable job when it comes to our military.


Regardless, sometimes I feel like he is giving the liberal media constant opportunities to jump on his. Every time he makes a silly mistake the media gets new ammunition and he tweets about it on the toilet at 2am.

It can all be real exhausting sometimes. Once in a while, I just need to unplug until it all blows over.


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