What if: A conservative response to mass shootings

It is noon on November 6th. President Trump and Prime Minister Abe are standing together preparing to answer questions from the media in regards to US-Japanese relations and North Korea. However, it is also the day after a terrible shooting in a church outside San Antonio, Texas. The President and his team are expecting to get some questions about the incident during this run in with the press.

The President finally gets the question about his response to the tragedy in Texas. He could give the typical talking points that every president uses after an incident like this. “Our prayers are with the victims.” “Thank you to our first responders.” But instead the President settles with something different.

“Everyone here knows that I am an elected Republican president and the very last thing I am going to do is call for more gun control legislation. No matter how much our friends on the left would like that. That’s just not going to happen.”

The president may seem frustrated. This is still the same year as the shooting in Las Vegas and only a few days after a truck attack in New York.

The president continues.

“However, in this age of mass shootings and terrorism, we cannot protect ourselves by putting down our own weapons. Gun control is an impractical solution in a free nation such as ours. Which is why I will be meeting with governors and law makers to discuss a conservative solution to this problem.

I hope that we can convince our governors to make it easier for the people to be issued concealed carry licenses. At the same time, I will be leading a campaign to restore the deteriorating gun culture in our country and encourage the responsible ownership of these weapons. In the wake of these tragedies, I still believe a better armed society is a safer society. Not only from foreign threats, but from threats on our own soil.

Thank you.”


If only.


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