Democracy is Overrated

I keep tuning into these crazy debates going on across the country. Everyone seems to have differing views on everything from healthcare to other social welfare. I also thought about the incredible political gridlock that we have been in for the past X number of years. The nation is as divided as ever and, unfortunately, we have policies in place that in their current form are hurting American families financially. Nothign will change anytime soon.

This entire system is crazy, and quite frankly, STUPID. We have one level of government creating laws for over 300 million people in a country that is 2600 miles wide horizontally and 1500 miles vertically. A country where the culture and values of one side is vastly different to the other. A government that is creating laws on top of 89,000 other governments that are constantly creating there own. It is no wonder nothing can be fixed because we have created a system that in extreme conflict with itself.

Here is an idea. The federal government focuses on Defense, foreign affairs, immigration, and of course settle disputes between states (generally done by the supreme court). The federal government will be given limited taxation authority. If an income tax must exist it must have a cap that is low in order to allow states to adjust their according to the way in which that want to govern. State governments will have a greater focus on domestic/economic/regulatory affairs. If a state is more liberal it will have plenty of room to tax enough to finance it. If a state is more conservative it may choose to tax less.

These states may each develop their own systems of healthcare, their own education systems with more room to fund it without damning the economy. This is how it should be. This is how it used to be. We need a return to federalism.

Maybe chop up some states while we are at it.


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