Babies! Babies! Babies!

So many people having babies this year. It’s really starting to make time feel so scarce.


A Year of Correction

What am I doing? I’m going to make a list. A timeline without the time.

Started this year in New Zealand.

Two months in to the year, I realize I want to leave so I return home.

I get a job about four weeks after returning. I feel like there is potential in this new job but I discover that this job is just limbo for people waiting to move on.

I made multiple attempts to advance to move on. These attempts have so far ended in failure.

I watch friends from work advance but it seems to be a greater struggle for me. This become murder on my own morale.

I started buying bitcoin back in July. I actually made some money. Nothing too significant.

I’ve managed to save some money. This is good.

For me, 2017 wasn’t very successful. 2017 is merely the year that resulted from me changing the direction of my life. I’ll call it a “correction.” Of course, I can’t really know that until later on when I stop to look back on it.

All this means in that next year has to be better. I will try.