The media and national discussions suck

Last week was a complete shit show. I am talking about these Kavanaugh hearings. It’s disgusting and I hate people now.

No one knows what they are talking about. Anyone who claims they know what happened is lying to you. The media is a disgrace and is the number culprit in our division and hatred for one another. I have to tune out of this national discussion in order to keep my sanity.


This is a reminder that we shouldn’t be so obsessed with national politics and whoever the president is. We should be calling for more federalism. Start cutting the power of the federal government and refer to the states to make the decisions on how things should be ruled in your own state.

I have mentioned that to people and for some reason they think that’s crazy. But, what’s the difference? A government is a monopoly on force no matter who it is. At least, you don’t have some people from California or Texas working  in DC dictating how you should live. It used to be that way and it should be that way again.