Political Awakening

I think most people who think about politics and are actively trying to explore the ideas in which they believe in have their own political awakening. An awakening that tells them that they are a conservative, they are a liberal, or that they are some fancy combination of words they recently discovered like, paleo-libertarian. I think that some people even have more than one awakening. In fact, that might even be most people.

Your first political awakening is likely to occur in college, when you are initially introduced to the very concept of ideas in general. This is where you hear about the typical college liberal. In my case, I became a libertarian. Almost an Anarcho-Capitalist.

Then, there is your second awakening. Not everyone has this but a lot of people do. There is a reason this country isn’t already ruled across the board by extreme liberalism(of course, some would argue that it already is). Many who are liberals in college tend to become conservative later on after years of working. This might happen when they see their first paycheck and find that someone named FICA has been taking of piece of their check for themselves.

I’m starting to think that I am going through my second one now. It’s a similar revolution that is occurring in many males my age. Social conservative issues have suddenly become something that I frequently think about. Society and the preservation of it is vital to a prosperous and moral future. That is merely the prompt that is going in my head right now.

I still hold my libertarian beliefs to be correct. I am just starting to think that the libertarian’s neglect of these social concerns is why libertarianism might struggle with an older demographic.

Last year, Jeff Deist, President of the Mises Institute, delivered a speech which was controversial among some libertarian circles in which he used the term “blood and soil.”
Humanity has a communal tendancy and libertarianism strict individualist rhetoric may push away the very many who are seeking community and family. If you have the time, have a listen.